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IMBONIZARWO (IZ) is a legally registered non-governmental organization certified by the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) with certificate number N0 :545/RGB/NGO/LP/10/2019 with overall objectives of Building Responsible Citizens through Arts, campaign and Interconnecting Generation.

Our Mission

To create practical space of sharing experience in eradicating gender based violence, promoting creativity arts and media for positive changes and peace education towards building social –economically transformed community.

Our Vision

To build responsible citizens through inter-connection of generations.

What we do

Our YouTube channel

We run multiple projects that mostly focus on our programs. Our youth members do thier best to user their talent to broadcast messages and advices accorss the country and region. Click on videos to view and listed to our messages, share and subscribe for more upcoming projects

What we focus on

Main operational programs

Primary health care

Enhance primary health care services through campaign of fighting teenage pregnancies, STIs, Sanitation and Drug Abuse in Rwandan community

Peace education

Promoting the culture of Peace, Unity and Reconciliation Trough Arts/talents, dramatic performance and inter - generation dialogs focusing on History of Rwanda


Promote learning by doing, through creative arts & talent development for educating and build capacity of young generation through awareness raising campaign

What we teach

Successes Stories in 5 Years

We have been impacting sociaty since day one. Our with our partners, the projects we run successfully have created a big impact in maintaining peace, fighting against teen pregnancy, and fighting gender based violance. Read the stories and feel free to contact us if you feel like you want more from our beneficiaries

Over 200,000 teenagers and youth were physically and online educated through awareness campaign, radio talks, YouTube channel and publications on the social media

Over 15,000 People was educated on hygiene and sanitation through the campaign organized by Ministry of Local Government, Imbonizarwo and Rwanda Media Association

Over 50,000 Youth were reached and educated on the role of peace, unity and reconciliations through awareness campaign, short term training and Arts

Over 80 needy families were materially and finally supported through our continuous annual chartable act conducted through partnership with KASNEB Rwanda

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Are you interested in shaping and leading the ultimate youth campaign of building social economic development of Rwanda mainly in providing reliable solutions in in prevention of teenage pregnancies, enhancing primary health care services and enhancing children and girls’ rights?

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