Peace Education

Because of You, over 50,000 young people was reached and educated on the role of peace, unity and reconciliations through awareness campaign, short term training and Arts

Imbonizarwo Organization is striving for empowering citizens to become maker and non-violent means of resolving conflict, building trust and critical thinking of young Generation in decision making with peace inclusion;

Through peacebuilding pillar, we train our beneficiaries, especially young people in in High Schools, Universities and community in village to become agent of peace. We achieve this through strategies of using awareness raising campaign: Arts (Music, Dramatic Performances, Poems and Public Talks) we have a determined team of youth specialized in arts who use to transmit the message in arts works, music, ….

We created a freed space of gaining peace histories through our program themed inter-generational peace Dialogs which bring together youth (Young people), Old people and peace makers towards discussing on their role in building peacefully community we want in the future of Rwanda and Region in General;

We most of the time do this in the High Schools, Universities and Youth Centers to make sure that current generations are going with peaceful mind of addressing problems with zero violence;

During the implementation of this program, we use published research in field of peace towards addressing the knowledge gap in community about peace, Unity and Reconciliations as well as empowering them to become an agent of peace makers in the community around them.

We are open to collaborate with different government entities, Non-Government Organization and national Civil Society Organizations, media, academia, youth-led organizations towards enhancing sustainable peace in Rwanda Community