Girls Get Equal Campaign

The organizational awareness campaign of fighting against teenage pregnancies, prevention of new transmission of HIV/SID with target plan of education educating over 50,000 teenagers by 2025 around the country mainly focusing in all levels of education.

Currently Imbonizarwo is working closely with Rwanda Ministry of Education, University of Rwanda and Plan International Rwanda through ongoing international campaign Girls Get Equal, we managed to educate 4601 teenagers and above for its first year of implementations


Educating teenagers on how they can eradicate Child sexual based violence through dramatic performance (Theatre) that reflecting on prevention of teenage pregnancies and empowering young girls to make decision of no sex for teenage;

Educating them through public talks and panel session by indicating the role of laws in prevention of CSBV, teaching them on reproductive health education, the role of reading and writing school novels and testimonials of one university students towards educating high school students for all prevention measures; 

Involving teenagers in our ongoing campaign through project quizzes and provision of awards to the beneficiaries as attractions tools knowing why this increase of teenage pregnancies in Rwanda.    


The awareness campaign was mainly focusing on high school students who are prone to be affected by this problem, different youth associations and cooperatives and single teen mothers in the area of project implementation.

The campaign attracted different guest speakers mainly from; Rwanda National Police, RDF, National Youth Council, The University of Rwanda and Local government through provision of practical space of sharing of expertise and learning from masters. In general; the project managed to impact above 2200 youth ranging from 13 years old and above